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I hope this introduction will put a smile on your face. Well, you may find I also like smiling. I wish I could make people around me happy and make them feel at ease. I have been widowed for many years. I think I am more anxious of a happy family with the right person. I can't promise how to run a successful matrimony as of what I went through previously. But, I know I would be a soft woman, I would be a good wife and a good mother. I think age is just a number. Age is a state of the mind. To me age is not important as maturity. If you think you are a nice man, please show me your interest. The most important thing is how two people feel inside. I like to be positive and fun, I have good sense of humor and I love to laugh. I believe we need to be kind, to the nature, to animals, to each other and to ourselves. I am caring, because I am full of love and I like to share it and take care of my beloved ones.

You know, I have serious intentions about being here. And the most important thing for me now is to create a strong, big and happy family, in which there will be a lot of trust and support for each other, where we will love and take care of each other - that is one of my biggest dreams for all my life! I am such a person who likes sharing with others whatever it can be! That's why one of my biggest passions is my work. I work as a geologist, and that is the work that definitely inspires me. I like giving knowledge to small kids and seeing how they are developing and becoming smarter and smarter with every day! And of course, I also like to know more and more with every next day and make my life better! But who knows, maybe my life will be much more better with you by my side. One of my greatest passions is gardening! Most of all, I like growing flowers. And the most interesting part of my hobby is making flower bouquets. I like composing beautiful flowers (for example, roses, lilies, daffodils, peonies, asters) with each other and giving them to my closest people! You can't even imagine how they like it when I am making such a special thing for them. I have lot of passions and when you get closer to me you will get to know. I do that when I am free from work.

What I am looking for

I don't believe in types or criteria. Maybe someone will say, I am old soul, but I believe in love, in long lasting relationship, in respect and mutual trust. I don't mind if you are older than me and have children. I believe that we can find happiness! I cannot imagine what kind of appearance my future man should be, it does not matter to me at all. I always pay attention to the inner world of man and his kind heart. For a family life, a person is needed, and the shell is not important to me. He should be a reliable, strong, family-oriented, tender, generous, caring man, who would be kind and understanding. I want to give my heart and all my love to a very special man, who will never hurt me or ruin my trust. I want to meet a man, who will become my soul mate, my best friend, loving wife and partner in crime. My goal here is to meet a man for a serious relationship and family creation.